Expose VIP filth who used Elm Guest House boy brothel


The website, “Spotlight on abuse” has posted a newspaper report from 1990 which urged the naming of VIP filth who used the infamous Elm Guest House.

” Police should probe claims that MPs and social workers were part of an evil child-sex ring, a child charity worker demanded.

Fulham Coroner’s court had heard that youngsters were taken from a children’s home to a hotel for pornography and sex games to satisfy a string of famous names.

We need a full police investigation into this porn ring at the hotel and the taking of youngsters from the home in Richmond.”

The coroner was told that young boys from Grafton Close home were taken to the hotel for the celebrities.

Private investigator Clive Godden said:

They can’t sweep these allegations aside.

This goes very far “.

It’s now 23 years after this article.

Why won’t the police expose the filth who used the Elm Guest House boy-brothel?



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