How did Jill Dando’s killer know she’d be at Gowan Avenue?

gowan avenue

It’s a little-known fact that Jill Dando had sold her house on Gowan Avenue and was waiting for the sale to be finalised.

Jill spent most of her time at the home of her fiance, Alan Farthing.

She rarely visited Gowan Avenue yet was going there on the morning of her murder.

Some claim it was to collect post.

Others claim it was to change the ink on a fax machine, as we know Jill bought ink on the day she died.

We see from reports at the time that Jill’s killer has been waiting outside her home an hour before she died.

He made many mobile phone calls as he waited.

Was he liaising with an accomplice?

How did the killer know that Jill would be visiting Gowan Avenue on that very day?

Why was he waiting for an hour?

Had his accomplice assumed that Jill was going to leave Alan Farthing’s home and travel directly to Fulham?

Was he unaware that Jill had made a, possibly unplanned, visit to the shops?

This report is interesting:

THE gunman who murdered Jill Dando lay in wait near her home for an hour before he struck, police believe.

There were seven sightings of the prime suspect – a smartly dressed man carrying a mobile phone – before and after Jill was shot on her doorstep at close range.

Last night police issued an urgent appeal for more witnesses to come forward.

Det Chief Insp Hamish Campbell, who is leading the hunt, wants additional information to piece together events in the fateful one hour in Fulham from 10.30-11.30 on Monday morning.

He said of the hitman suspect: “Somebody must know that man and that description.”

The police chief also asked for help from anyone who might have been involved in supplying the Browning-type gun.

Mr Campbell believes Jill was killed with a silenced 9mm semi- automatic pistol. The bullet was probably a “hollow point”, favoured by assassins because a single shot usually guarantees a fatal wound.

One spent cartridge was found in Jill’s front garden.

WITNESS No.1 who may have spotted the smart man-suspect was a window cleaner.

He saw a white male, wearing a dark suit, with neatly cut brown hair, aged 35 to 40 and carrying a mobile, near Jill’s house in Gowan Avenue at about 10.30.

The window cleaner assumed from the man’s behaviour that he was an estate agent waiting to meet a client.

WITNESS No.2, at the corner of Gowan Avenue and Munster Road at 11.30, saw a smartly dressed man of the same age and build loitering near a disused building.

He was wearing heavy, dark-rimmed glasses that appeared to be too big for him. This may have been an attempt at disguise. He was carrying a mobile phone.

WITNESSES No. 3 and 4 – Jill’s next door neighbour Richard Hughes and another woman who lives nearby – saw the suspect seconds after the shooting, at 11.35.

Both had rushed to tend the star as she lay by her own front door with massive head injuries.

They saw a smartly dressed man, about 5ft 11ins, mobile in hand, jogging along Gowan Avenue towards Fulham Palace Road.

About 20 minutes later near Putney Bridge, WITNESSES No.5 and 6 – a school caretaker and a mother walking her toddler – saw the “smart man”.

He was clambering over railings by the Thames. This may have been the gunman dumping the weapon.

The tide was high at the time. Yesterday police divers spent hours checking the murky river bed, but found nothing.

WITNESS No.7, who was waiting for a bus, provided the final clue to Monday’s horror.

A few minutes after the Thames-side sighting, he saw a man emerge from Bishop’s Park, which stretches down to the water, and run along Fulham Palace Road.

The man, in a smart suit and cream shirt, was covered in sweat.

He waited at the bus stop and stood close enough to the witness for him to notice a mark on the bridge of his nose, as if he had just been wearing glasses.

Det Chief Insp Campbell said: “We need to speak to anyone who saw a man matching this description anywhere in that area at that time.

“If this is, in fact, the sighting of fix or six different men, we need to find them all to eliminate them from our investigation.”

He said the key elements to the description were: white, late 30s or early 40s, about 5ft 11ins, well-groomed and wearing a suit or smart jacket and trousers.

Mr Campbell, appealing for information, added: “The man was seen up to an hour before the shooting. What was he doing before then? Was he visiting a shop, was he buying cigarettes?

“Where did he go after the shooting? Did he return home in an agitated state? Was he missing from work for a short period yesterday? Somebody must know.” On the gun, the police chief said: “Somebody must know if they recently provided such a weapon to somebody through the illegal network.

“I know that somebody out there has that information and they must contact us.”

The type of gun – likely to have been a Browning or a Tanfoglio – was banned following the Dunblane massacre, but hundreds are believed still to be in circulation.

Staff at a Ryman stationers in Hammersmith were among the last to see Jill alive. She was in the shop between 10.30 and 10.45 on Monday and bought 500 sheets of A4 paper.”

Who was feeding information to the killer about Jill’s whereabouts?

Who told the killer Jill was going to be at her former home?

Why was vulnerable loner Barry George imprisoned for the murder when it was so blatantly a professional hit?

Somebody knows the answers.

Who is that somebody?


7 thoughts on “How did Jill Dando’s killer know she’d be at Gowan Avenue?

  1. The main question of how the killer knew Jill would visit Gowan Avenue hits the mark. There is some information on that which was passed to the Met. They do not appear to have used the information to advance the investigation.

  2. On the morning of the assassination I was called by a South African called chris Vincent. He called me to tell me his good friend Jill dandy had just been shot in the head on her doorstep. I immediately contacted bbc newcastle and was told the news was just coming through but there were no claims referring to her being shot in the head or otherwise. How could he have known minutes after the shooting that she had been shot and that she had been shot in the head?? I could say more but feel it would not be in my best interested.

    • Really Palmer? check with tyne tees television and east area command of northumbria police, it’s all on record. The only bullshit is clearly coming from your verbal diahorhea.

      • “Jill Dando” is an anagram of “Jondla” – a Hindi word for “fondant”. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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