Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair and the Jill Dando connection


Tony Blair was the Prime Minister in 1999. at the time of Jill Dando’s death.

His official spokesman was the dark spin master, Alastair Campbell.

It’s a little known fact that Alastair Campbell was interviewed by the police over Jill’s murder.

According to an article in the Daily Record entitled :


” The Prime Minister’s official spokesman was quizzed by police over the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando, it was revealed yesterday.

Alastair Campbell , one of Tony Blair’s closest aides and friends, met officers so they could eliminate him from their inquiries.

He was interviewed after a newspaper wrongly claimed he had joked about being Jill’s lover.

Campbell was never seriously suspected of gunning down Jill at her London home in April 1999 but officers felt obliged to interview him.

Campbell said he had met her when he reviewed the papers on her breakfast TV show.

He also said: “I believe the police had a number of calls pointing out my resemblance to their e-fit picture of the killer.”

How very, very strange indeed.’S+MAN+QUIZZED+OVER+DANDO+MURDER.-a066867783


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