Did Alan Farthing come face to face with Jill Dando’s killer?

blue range rover

Scotland Yard have today announced they’re closing the investigation into Jill Dando’s brutal murder.

How strange.

Have they really done everything within their power to trace Jill’s killer?

Have they looked again at evidence that Jill was investigating VIP child abuse in the UK?

Have they chased up all sightings of a blue metallic range rover that sped off from the crime scene?

We haven’t got a clue.

It might be worthwhile looking again at this newspaper report from 1999, about Jill’s fiance, Alan Farthing.

Alan Farthing claims he came face to face with Jill’s killer in a range rover but didn’t tell the police:

” MURDERED TV star Jill Dando’s fiance came face to face with one of her assassins just before she was gunned down, the Sunday People can reveal.

Dr Alan Farthing thought nothing of the man sat in a Range-Rover parked near his London house as he left for work on Monday.

But when detectives told Dr Farthing they were hunting a mystery Range- Rover he recalled in horror he had seen it outside his house.

Cops have told him they believe the dark-haired motorist was acting as a lookout for the gunman lurking outside Jill’s nearby home.

A friend said last night: “Poor Alan went pale when he realised the connection.

“Now he is wracked with guilt and remorse that he could have in some way stopped the murder if he had reported the car.

“Everyone has told Alan – especially the police – that he must not blame himself. There was no
reason for him to be suspicious.

“But he cannot get over the fact that he may have come face to face with the killer.”

A police source said: “We feel very sorry for Dr Farthing. It has caused him great pain to think he could have seen the killer.

“He is helping us as much as he can and it makes us even more resolved to hunt down her killers.”

The man in the Range-Rover is now thought to have been stalking Jill, 37, during the nine days she spent at Dr Farthing’s luxury house in Chiswick, west London, before her death.

Cops are convinced he then tipped off his accomplice via a mobile phone when she finally left in her blue BMW on Monday morning to return to her own home in nearby Gowan.Avenue

They believe the driver was supposed to pick up the fleeing gunman after the shooting but panicked and sped off instead.

Jill was killed at 11.32am on her doorstep and close-circuit TV cameras filmed a blue Range Rover careering out of Doneraile Street, opposite Gowan Avenue, at 11.50.

The car turned into Fulham Palace Road so fast it leaned over, before roaring through a red traffic light on Putney Bridge.

The number plate could not be made out, but a witness confirmed it was driven by a dark-haired man.

Detectives revealed yesterday that a computer-generated ”E-fit” photo of the gunman had prompted a flood of calls from members of the public.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ”We have received more than 1,000 calls since the murder.

”But at the moment we cannot give out any more information because this is an on-going investigation.”

Det Supt John Stewardson, who headed the inquiry, has now offered his help to the team probing Jill’s murder.

The murder hunt took another twist when detectives admitted her assassin could be a COP.

They fear Jill may have been murdered by an obsessed policeman who met her through her Crimewatch work.

The cool and calculated way the murder was carried out points to someone with a good knowledge of crime scenes.

The source went on: “The killer tipped the odds in his favour and knew he would be able to escape without being covered in blood.

“He knew how to slip away and resume his normal daily routine without attracting any suspicion

“The way he limited the clues and forensic evidence he left at the house points to a man who knows what goes on at a crime scene.

“The experts in this field are criminals and police – and BOTH lines of inquiry are being pursued.”

We would strongly advise Scotland Yard to get back on the case of the brutal murder of Jill Dando.

It’s high time the mystery was solved.






4 thoughts on “Did Alan Farthing come face to face with Jill Dando’s killer?

  1. …….and professional hit men, especially if they also work for MI5 but they would probably been more subtle, unless it was a warning to other media people.

  2. To Mr. Coleman:- Just a thought, and you are probably aware of this, but I was in my local convenience store earlier today, and I noticed, in the Sunday Mirror, I think, the headline:- Death threat letters were sent to Jill Dando — and were ignored by police. I think that the smaller print said that 2 other female B. B. C. presenters had also been sent similar letters. I cannot remember the full names, but 1 was called Sally (possibly Sally Jones, who was warned by Jill about Savile) and the other Anna. Had I thought, I would have bought a copy. However, it should be readily available, if not on paper, then online (which I have not yet checked). As I said, you may well be aware of this anyway, but just in case…

    Having just looked at the comment above, it could well have been a warning…

    What this implies, though, is that if the police were aware of death threat letters having been sent, it was not very likely that these had been written by Barry George, taking into account his low I. Q.I do not remember any reference to such letters being mentioned at his trial, so the police did not consider that this information would have helped the prosecution case, otherwise it would certainly have come out.

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