The New SS: UK children snatched by revengeful social workers

The new ss

The alarming rise in children being snatched by the SS from loving parents in the UK is an absolute bloody scandal.

Social services, with the help of secretive family courts, are now so power crazed and out of control that urgent intervention is needed to stop them.

According to the MP John Hemming, vindictive local authorities are even using proceedings in the family courts as “retaliation” against parents who question doctors’ diagnoses of their children or challenge  LA decisions.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley, who coordinates a campaign called Justice for Families, which calls for reform of the family court system, said that the practice was becoming common.

“Very often care proceedings are used as retaliation by local authorities against ‘uppity’ people who question the system,” he told a Sunday newspaper.

Jean Robinson, of the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services, confirms that “parents who question or criticise professionals about their child’s care risk being referred to social services for investigation”.

Parents of children with special educational needs may, more than most, find themselves encountering difficulties with the authorities.

Unfortunately, those pursuing better provisions for their children sometimes face child protection concerns once they have taken action to try and get improved services.

A case study on the Maxwell Gillott website describes the case of “Steph”, who has severe autism.

The family appealed to the Special Needs and Disability Tribunal (SEND) seeking a residential school placement and challenged social care over a failure to provide services to meet needs.

Social Services then applied to the family law courts for an order that Steph should be taken into care.

Although ultimately they were unsuccessful as there was no evidence that Steph was at risk, the ordeal caused a great deal of distress to the family.

Under pressure from the courts, and with solicitors on board, the authority finally agreed to fund Steph’s placement at the residential school.

The solicitors then went on to help the family make a formal complaint about how the authority handled the case. The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) upheld the complaint; asking the authority to apologise, review procedure and make a financial award for the distress caused.”

Cases such as these highlight the extreme and devastating ways in which authorities can react to parents doing nothing more than trying to get the right support for their children, by exercising their legal rights and trying to do the best for their child.

Why are social services in the UK so powerful?

Why are social services in the UK allowed to snatch children for revenge?

Why are social services in the UK ignoring real abuse cases?

Why are social services in the UK a law unto themselves?

Isn’t it about bloody time we found out?


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