Reverend Cliff Richard and the cruise of love


It’s a little known fact that holier than thou Reverend Cliff Richard loves to cruise.

A couple of years after the tragic death of Jill Dando, Reverend Cliff kindly organised a big cruising holiday for his closest chums to celebrate his 60th birthday.

He even managed to act as matchmaker and find a new love for Jill’s fiancé, Alan Farthing.

According to the Mail:

” Jill Dando’s former fiance Alan Farthing last night revealed he is taking the
first tentative steps of a new romance with a beautiful actress.

Handsome gynaecologist Alan is dating 35-year-old Helen Hobson.

The couple met eight months ago on a cruise to celebrate Sir Cliff Richard’s 60th

Last night Alan, devastated at Jill’s death in April 1999, admitted: “This is hard for me, no-one can replace Jill.

“Helen and I have become close friends. Who knows what might happen.”

Sir Cliff had invited Alan and Helen separately on the cruise.

Helen had played the lead female role of Cathy in Sir Cliff’s production Heathcliff and
was invited along with 80 other guests to join the star.

Alan, 37, who had met Sir Cliff through Jill, was also invited on Cunard liner Sea Goddess for the Mediterranean jaunt, which began on the French Riviera at Nice.

They immediately hit it off.”

” When they met, friends said that they reminisced about the fun time they had on
the Mediterranean cruise.”

” Among the guests were many from the world of showbusiness“.

There really is so much more to learn about Reverend Cliff and his love of cruising.’This+is+hard+for+me.+Nobody+can+replace+Jill.+Helen+and+I+have…-a075232474



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