Reverend Cliff Richard and the angelic film company


We nearly fell off our pulpit when we heard tell of Reverend Cliff Richard’s latest venture.

According to Companies House, holier-than- thou Reverend Cliff owns a company called :

The Angel Film LLP.”

The company is registered at this salubrious address in Surrey:

52 Wheeler Avenue

The company number, OC303322, has the spooky number 33 embedded in it.

Angel Film LLP doesn’t appear to have a website and there is very little information available about the types of film they produce.

Other film companies with similar sounding names include:

Blue Angel Films Ltd

Angel Films Ltd

Soho Angel Films Ltd

Angel Films Ire Ltd

Falling Angel Films Ltd

How very angelic.

Of course, we do hope Reverend Cliff’s film company is above board and that only wholesome, Christian films are being produced there.

Don’t you?


One thought on “Reverend Cliff Richard and the angelic film company

  1. I do not know whether or not this is useful, but I did a search on Zoopla for the above address. It appears to be a private house, and was last sold on 12/6/14, for £1,225,000. Among the property’s amenities is an outdoor heated swimming pool. Another company is also listed at the address shown, Jane Brundle Ltd., the director of which is Ms. Jane Carolyn Brundle, whose date of birth is shown as April, 1957, and the secretary is Terence Back. Ms. Brundle is shown as having 2 more directorships. These relate to 2 Limited Liability Partnerships, Jane Brundle Partnership LLP, and SE16 LLP. There are previous directors/partners in the former partnership, 1 of which is a limited management company. As these details may have nothing to do with Angel Films LLP, I will leave it up to you as to whether or not you publish this information, or simply retain for your own use, later if necessary. She has also shown a registered address of 21, College Approach, London, S. E. 10 9HY. The SE16 partnership is a recently incorporated business, being incorporated on 19/7/14. The company (Jane Brundle Ltd.) was incorporated on 23/1/12, and was dissolved on 18/3/14, i.e., shortly before the property was sold, and shortly after it was 1st put on the market, in February, 2014.

    The information on Zoopla indicates that there are 5 persons registered at the address from 2002 – 2014.

    I am happy for you to edit this information if you feel that there is too much personal information there, but all of it is available publicly.

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