Reverend Cliff Richard and the tragic death of Jill Dando


It’s a little known fact that holier-than-thou Reverend Cliff Richard has forgiven the brutal murderer of Jill Dando.

Reverend Cliff also claims the murderer will be “forgiven by God“.

Reverend Cliff also claims that the murderer was merely exercising his “ freedom of choice” when he gunned her down at point-blank range and sped off in a metallic blue Range Rover.

According to John Crowley in the Telegraph:

Sir Cliff Richard said yesterday that Jill Dando’s murderer was exercising “freedom of choice” when he killed her, and he will be forgiven by God.

The singer, a committed Christian who was a close friend of the Crimewatch presenter, made the comments on ITV1.

Speaking on My Favourite Hymns, Sir Cliff said he would be “obliged” to forgive Barry George, 44, who is serving a life sentence for shooting Miss Dando, 37, on her doorstep in Fulham, south-west London, in April 1999. “That’s because He is an all-forgiving God. That’s tough to accept,” he said………………….

Sir Cliff added: “Part of the perfection of being human is that we have freedom of choice and Jill’s killer had the freedom to choose to kill or not to kill. Unfortunately, he exercised his freedom and he killed her.”

Of course there is a slight problem with Reverend Cliff’s musings.

We now know that vulnerable loner Barry George wasn’t Jill’s murderer.

Barry George was almost certainly framed and spent years in prison despite being innocent.

The shooting had all the hallmarks of a professional hit.

Shortly before her death, Jill had been investigating high-level child abuse in the U.K.

The real killer has never been found.

The police have virtually closed the case.

If the real killer is found will Reverend Cliff forgive him?

If the real killer is found will God forgive him?

So many questions.

So few answers.

We do hope Reverend Cliff is praying day and night that the truth about Jill Dando’s murder is revealed.

Don’t you?


7 thoughts on “Reverend Cliff Richard and the tragic death of Jill Dando

  1. I wonder if Cliff was also good friends with Nick Ross? Jill’s fellow presenter and good friend. Keep up the great work!

  2. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Like a bad case of indigestion some names keep coming up. Its almost certain that there was a paedophile ring with some very powerful members. It seems to me that if that ring is not exposed innocent names will keep coming up…..

  3. Just before Jill Dando was assasinated i read she was looking into the theft of priceless paintings from famous art galleries all over the world. Original works of art were stolen and being replaced by fakes. And the people that was running these gangs of thiefs was a well know Aristocrat a lord of the realm. It was also connected the a woman director in one of the top are museums in America where the paintings were being replaced with fake big time. She found out what was going on and was going to blow thw whistle. He death was that she fell out of her office window. That what Jill Dando was fishing for. Also i have heard that a lot of famous people like pop singers and actors ect are buying these priceless painting and works of art to order. I have an idea thats the real reason to search Cliff Richards home. maybe Jill Dando was ganna tell who the Lord of the gang was.

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