Jonnie on the run

Dover Cliff Fall


Head of Mi5, Jonathan Evans is to leave the role next month after 33 years of service.

Quite why Jonnie has chosen to go now is anyone’s guess but the following developments may have helped him make his decision:

1) His beloved Queenie is now a fugitive from the law, and on the run from an International Arrest Warrant.

2) Overwhelming evidence is emerging that intelligence services may have been complicit in the cover-up of VIP child abuse rings.

3) Russian oligarchs are dropping dead left, right and centre and Mi5 seem “powerless” to do anything.

4) Tonnes and tonnes of chalk from the White Cliffs of Dover has just crashed into the sea.

In spy terms this may have only meant one thing to Jonnie:

” Oh s**t we’ve been rumbled- let’s get the f**k out of here”

Not quite James Bond is it?


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