Westminster Council’s evil ‘modus operandi’ exposed

dr evil

Make no mistake about it.

Westminster Council have received a bloody nose after the Court of Appeal decision that labelled them as “perverse”.

In the ruling, judges were shocked that WC had given a resident a 16th floor flat despite her having vertigo.

Today we’re witnessing their predictable and ruthless modus operandi in action.

Firstly, they’ve named the family to the media.

Next, the media have started to focus on the fact that the family are refugees and as such sub-human and don’t deserve a flat.

We then find comparisons to homeless soldiers who haven’t been helped with housing so “why should a family of “foreigners” be helped”?

Of course, no one has mentioned that only a few weeks ago, Westminster let a British ex-marine sleep out in Regent’s Park because he’d dared to turn down an unsuitable offer of accommodation.

Councillor Jonathan “ghastly” Glanz didn’t give a s**t then and he doesn’t give a s**t now.

In the case of baby Saymon Michael, Westminster also skewed all damning evidence away from themselves and yet again onto the blameless family.

Why don’t the media start to focus on more important issues relating to “perfect” Westminster Council.

These will do for starters:

1) Why have they awarded a million-pound contract to Smart Housing which is run by a fraudster with links to Councillor Frixos Tombolis?

2) Why have they awarded a multi-million pound contract to ex-employees Creighton solicitors who ruthlessly take children away from parents yet are registered as a dormant company?

3) Why was ex-councillor Michael Vearncombe allowed to steal thousands of pounds from a Marylebone resident’s association with no scrutiny from WC?

4) Why are many present and former councillor’s and officers named in Scallywag reports linking them to notorious Dolphin Square, not being questioned by the police?

5) Why have Westminster been allowed to break the law and keep families in B and B hotels for months on end?

6) Why are so many court cases related to Westminster “thrown” by their buddies at the Central London County Court?

7) Why was wrinkly rogue Shirley Porter allowed to steal £30 million from Westminster taxpayer’s yet is still wined and dined by Councillor Robert Davis.

8) Why was the Queen’s Lieutenant’s office allowed to charge thousands of pounds to Westminster’s Children’s Services to pay for a limo?

9) Why did Westminster pay £1,000 to a drag bar, Molly Moggs, in Soho?

10) Why have Westminster been allowed to steal the property of anti-war campaigners from Trafalgar Square?

11) Why have millions of pounds vanished from their Corporate Property department?

Isn’t it about bloody time the media reported on the real Westminster City Council?


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