The black magic of Peter Mandelson

chicken head

It’s a little known fact that extremely weird person Peter Mandelson loves a bit of voodoo.

You may remember the time he cut off a chicken’s head in a bizarre black magic ritual:

” A Brazilian witch doctor has said that Peter Mandelson once held a chicken while he cut off its head as a sacrifice to a pagan god in the Candomble cult.

Later the voodoo practitioner was, it appears, asked by Mr Mandelson’s friend Reinaldo Avila da Silva to do something to make Charlie Whelan “who is always trying to harm Peter” disappear from politics.

The magic man was sent a photograph of Mr Whelan, and – hey presto! – his bad vibes evaporated and Mr Mandelson was restored to the Cabinet.”

As with that other odd-bod Greville Janner, Peter loves nothing better than to turn to the dark arts of magic when the going gets tough.

We’ve heard on the grapevine though that Peter’s medical records held in a French hospital are less than magical.

Apparently a bizarre trick involving a furry animal went horribly wrong and Peter was unable to sit down for weeks.

Oh dear.

Maybe he should have used a chicken head instead.


One thought on “The black magic of Peter Mandelson

  1. Greville Janner is certainly a magician. He waved his magic wand and all those pages on the net about him and Paul Winston simply disappeared!

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