Westminster Council is perverse


We’ve been saying for years that Westminster Council is not as it appears to be and now the Court of Appeal has agreed.

The psychos working in WC’s housing department forced a woman with severe vertigo to accept a 16th floor flat.

Please don’t think this was a mistake either.

It was most certainly a deliberate act.

Even the Appeal Court Judge called it “perverse”.

” A woman with “severe vertigo” won a legal fight after objecting to the offer of a 16th-floor council flat.

The Court of Appeal said a local authority official made a “perverse” decision when concluding that the flat in Maida Vale, central London, was “suitable”.

Three judges had been told, at a hearing in London, that the woman’s husband took legal action against Westminster City Council after failing to persuade staff to offer a flat on the ground or first floor.

An official who dealt with the case had thought that the woman would settle “in time”, the court heard.

But judges were told that the woman had “severe vertigo” and had suffered a panic attack and collapsed when visiting the flat.

And they said the official had not given “proper weight” to medical evidence.

We’ve previously detailed WC housing officers joking about a dying resident:

” give him the flat, ‘cos he’s gonna die anyway!”

We’ve previously detailed WC housing officers calling homeless residents who dared to complain:

“a gang”.

We’ve previously detailed WC’s cruel treatment of a homeless ex-marine who was forced to sleep rough in a park.

What else it there to reveal about Westminster’s perverse housing office?

Quite a lot actually.











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