Prince William and the Dolphin Square bachelor pad


It’s a little known fact that golden-boy Prince William once rented a flat in Dolphin Square.

In the days before married bliss with Kate, our Wills got himself a bachelor pad in the notorious Pimlico complex.

According to Property Investments:

” Prince William has set to move into his very first bachelor pad. Our highness has chosen to move into an upscale (of course) apartment complex in the exclusive Dolphin Square.

Dolphin Square is a block of private apartments built near the River Thames at Pimlico in London.

I’m sure the prince will have a grand time entertaining his friends and family with a game of twister, followed by cheese and crackers, complimented by a bottle of the finest, in his new boudoir.

It’s said that the Prince has signed a 9 month lease for a 9th floor, 3 bedroom apartment.

While William is in the Army he only needs an uncomplicated base in London for short periods, so I imagine this will suit him just fine.

So what is our highness going to get with the package?

Well, you know, just the household necessities with a few extras:

– Swimming pool
– Gym
– Restaurant
– Bar
– Brasserie
– Shopping arcade
– Launderette
– Large car park that can be found in the basement.
– Tennis court
– Croquet lawn that overlooks the Thames

And now that the Prince has recently become single, I’m sure when he manages to drag himself away from the croquet lawn, he’ll take full advantage of his private living quarters.

I’m sure he can turn up the music and his neighbouring security won’t hear a thing.

Come on, he maybe a Prince, but he’s also only human…and male.”

Quite why Wills chose to rent a flat in Dolphin Square is anyone’s guess.

Wonder if he met William Hague in the gym?


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