Uri, Cliff and the spoon-bending children’s choir

spoon bending

How we chuckled when we read this moving account of spoon-bender Uri Geller’s concert for Children of Africa.

According to Uri, who’s a very close friend of Greville Janner, he was thrilled to attend the charity concert along with Cliff Richard.

His spoon-bending went into overdrive however when the 3000 strong children’s choir started to sing:

” I hadn’t expected to meet the singer Patti Boulaye there, and it was a delight to talk with her again — she’s one of the most committed and energetic people I know.

She reminded me that I’d joined her onstage at the Royal Albert Hall, about six years ago, for a concert to raise funds for Patti’s charity, Support For Africa.

Cliff Richard was at that show, and the Seventies disco divas Boney M, as well as bestselling novelist Freddie Forsyth — but the real stars were the 3000 children who came from all over Britain to form an awesome gospel choir.

I always find it easiest to bend spoons when there are youngsters around, recharging the atmosphere with their energy and, as I picked up my first piece of cutlery, the bowl flew off as if it had been hit by a bullet.

The next arced upwards more gracefully, and I auctioned it for a four-figure sum to an ebullient computer tycoon sitting in one of the Albert Hall boxes.”

Good Lord.

We never knew bending could be so thrilling.



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