Is Myra Hindley really dead?


Could it be that notorious child killer Myra Hindley, who allegedly had links to Jimmy Savile, is not actually dead?

” On the 15th November 2002 Moors Murderer Myra Hindley, 60 was said to have died in the West Suffolk Hospital at Bury St. Edmunds after a chest infection which hospitalized her on November 12th – following a suspected heart attack two weeks previously. She was said to have received the last rites from a Catholic priest in her bed at 4.55 am after a disturbed night in her isolated solitary ward.

On 18th November Greater Suffolk coroner Peter Dean was told by Home Office pathologist Dr Michael Heath, who carried out the post mortem examination at West Suffolk hospital, that Hindley died of bronchial pneumonia due to heart problems.

She suffered from high blood pressure and poor blood supply to the heart, resulting in blocked coronary arteries, he said.

In surprising haste she was cremated on 20th November 2002 althugh no family members attended. She was reported to be cremated following the service at the cematorium.

The inquest into Hindley’s death was opened and adjourned at Highpoint Prison near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and a jury hearing was scheduled to take place at a later date. It opened on January 23rd 2003 at medium security Highpoint prison, Suffolk. It was discolsed that in her final months Hindley, 60, had been prescribed a range of 24 drugs for a range of problems including angina, asthma, bronchitis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and raised cholesterol including temazapam for insomnia.

In a unique arrangment for such an inquest there were no protesters, friends or relatives at the resumed inquest ” because of the intense media interest in Hindley” therefore it was convened in a Highpoint building used for the training of officers at the desolate prison.

The jury of eight women and three men took 48 minutes to reach the unanimous decision that Hindley, died of natural causes: bronchial pneumonia, brought on by hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Her medical records were filed under a false name: Christine Charlton.

Graham Cook, a fingerprint expert with Suffolk Police, said that he had compared Hindley’s prints with those on the National Fingerprint Archive, which had been taken in October 1965 in Cheshire, and was able to confirm the identity of the dead woman beyond doubt.

Hospital staff, some of whom attended the inquest, redecorated Hindley’s room after she died.

Her ashes are said to have been be scattered at an undisclosed location. Her death certificate has never been published – but presumably exists in official records somewhere.

A curious tale in which the only direct evidence is from a small circle of employees of the Home Office.

A plausible tale which a reliable, honest, respectable and well informed contact assures us forms the basis of an elaborate agreement for Myra Hindley’s release from custody, very much alive , after she had served double the sentence usually served by convicted murderers with good records of behaviour. A subject which has been very recently widely discussed by social workers at a senior level in a certain area of the UK.”

We then find this shocking eye-witness report:

” A primary school nurse was driving through a country lane about six weeks after Myra Hindley was supposedly pronounced dead. It was night time and the nurse’s car was suddenly hit in the back by another vehicle.

The woman driver who hit her got out of her car and came to talk to the nurse. The nurse looked carefully, recognised the woman as Myra Hindley and said: “Oh my God you’re Myra Hindley.”

The woman burst into tears and replied “you can’t say that, you can’t say that” and drove off hurriedly.

The nurse however, noted the registration number of the car and upon returning home called the police. She recounted what had happened, telling them that it was “Myra Hindley” at the wheel of the other car.

The police visited the nurse the following day but rather than assist her with noting an accident, they scared and intimidated her. They asked her to withdraw the accident claim and report, and suggested instead that the incident had “never happened”.

The primary school nurse was just a normal, law-abiding person and by now she was very scared although still certain of her facts – that even though Myra Hindley was believed by the world to be dead – it had been her driving the car that had hit her.

Regardless of her story, the police continued to intimidate the nurse and she was frightened into taking any further action.

However, unknown to the police, the nurse had reported the incident to a friend of the family who had in turn passed it on to a school friend who was a local journalist.

The journalist took the story to a major tabloid paper who was at first very interested but the following day told his fellow journalist that the story of Hindley being alive “had to be buried”.

Despite this, within a day or so, orders from “the top” were given to publish a story on how the “ashes of Myra Hindley had been found.”

That story made all the papers in February 2003 and threw many off the scent. Now, to all intent and purposes, Hindley was proven to be dead because her ashes had been found on the very Moors where children had been killed.

What is interesting is that the car incident happened six miles away from the residence of the priest that converted Myra Hindley to Catholicism and who later committed burial rites on her.

What is further interesting is the location of a convent very close by. Is Myra Hindley in that convent living a clandestine life away from society?

Not satisfied with the tale of ashes being discovered and believing the story of the nurse, the journalist called Lord Longford’s son and informed him that the ashes of Myra Hindley had been found. The journalist taped the conversation. The words from Longford’s son echoed in the journalists ears:

“If you believe that, you’ll believe anything”.


44 thoughts on “Is Myra Hindley really dead?

  1. Fantastic! Thanks for the great info…. More of it if possible, ppl need to know the truth. So good ole Myra is very much alive and kicking, soon to be 71….

    • Very true, people need to be told the truth, but no-one ever will because a ‘gagging order’ prevents it. Even the press wouldn’t print it. If you don’t believe me think of the recent pictures on fb of one of the Bulger murderers, and the action taken. This is not democracy. If justice is to be done, it has to be seen to be done, and the majority of people (I believe) would like them, as well as Myra executed.

  2. Is Hindley blood related to Savile? because she does look like him some…. And most important of it all: will we ever know who did they work for? I mean definitely they were doing it for elite ppl…. Were they helped in kidnapping children or acted alone?

    • They didn’t work for anybody xyz. Ian chose to do it and Myra happily helped him they did it because they could, because they wanted to rape,torture and kill children. It is chillingly simple.

  3. There is a woman that lives in Blackburn Lancashire that is a spitting image double for Myra Hindley, could it be her as she did get given the new name of Christine Charlton, and thats what this woman is called????????

  4. Conspiracy theory – another name for that side of reality that morons wish it was fictional. Ive got news for u and its bad: it itsnt fictional. Because reality is stranger than fiction.

  5. About a year ago I was on a bus and was just looking out of the window this woman was crossing the road and I swear her face was the aging face of Hindley. I couldn’t help but stare and she stared back with an odd look on her face – then again she was being stared at. Surely though she did actually die when they said she did I mean Hindley isn’t really alive and free is she ?!

  6. Myra Hindley was in a manchester hospital after having minor facial reconstruction.After four days recovering she was given a new identity and taken out of the country. I was one of the nurses working on the ward She was in a side room with 3 private nurses whom had never worked at that hospital. We were not aloud in the room or to speak with the nurses. Two years later working at a different hospital I worked a shift with one of those nurses, who quite openly admitted that it was myra hindley in that room. I truly believe my co-worker as a lady nearing retirement I wonder what she had to gain by disclosing this information. Especially as I asked her a direct question about an incident that had happened 2 years previous. I believe that the government had no choice but to release hindley, she was the longest serving serial murderer and unlike Brady she was deemed medically sane. It was claimed she died of pneumonia that came after a heart attack,coincedental that her lastest appeal was about to be decided. Unfortunatly even child abusing murderers have human rights payed for by honest hard working tax payers (Terry and Venables). Their whole family got new identitys and re-homed,I wonder how much money the’ve sucked out of this country, and still are because venables has proved not everyone can be reformed.

    • Why Manchester though when she allegedly died in Cambridge (was it ?) ? Can’t understand why they would bring her home to assist her in her freedom which is wrong on every level. Makes me shudder that, that evil hag could still be alive.

    • Don’t you mean Thompson and Venables? Also…what is the nursing profession coming to when spelling simple words like allowed is spelled aloud??? Not sure where all this conspiracy theory is going…if she is out there ( which I hope she isn’t and that she is a pile of dust) no amount of speculation will have her identified officially.

      • This is probably a care assistant – many like to call themselves “Nurses” although this is illegal under the Nurses Act and other legislation. How often can you attend nursing homes where care assistants are wearing “Nursing Sister” lookalike uniforms with silver belt buckles? Gives them a sense of importance – let down by bad spelling of course! They never would have gained the compulsory honours degree now required for nurse students.

  7. I’m glad that I found this article.
    I thought that I was the only one who had suspicions about her ‘death’.
    I guess she’s in Australia, or wherever.

  8. Its funny how the establishment wanted to free Myra and then right on Q she dies…. A bit sus if you ask me.
    I mean, what better way to stop her victims families tracking her when to say she has died?

    • Sends shivers down the spine that she could in fact be here amongst us seeing what has been said about her – no reason why she shouldn’t have learned how to use a computer and the internet etc – Right I have now scared even myself wont be sleeping tonight lol

    • Having seen a woman who looks exactly like an ageing dark-haired Myra Hindley twice in the past couple of weeks in the area of Manchester I live in I’m more inclined than ever to believe that she is not dead. The second time she gave me an odd look and she knows I clocked her the first time I seen her. That first time her expression was of fright and annoyance second time just awful. I’m utterly convinced it is her. I reckon they probably move her about every so often, sends shivers down my spine to be honest.

  9. This blog stopped in 2003, WHY! I believe that’s she is possibly still alive, if not, was certainly released as people believe in the above paragraphs. If memory serves a lady on a small Western Hebrides island said she would take her and I certainly believe she got out of the jail and has had the last 10 years below our radar but no one in officialdom will ever confirm it!!!!

    • I have heard from many people on this story but the one story that sticks out to me is the one from Jo.
      If the government has done a cover up then surely they should be exposed so that the truth is told to the human race especially those poor families that has lived with the grief all these years.

  10. My friend had a date with a woman called Christine and she looked a double for Myra Hindley, if it is then she is alive in Blackburn Lancashire, the date did`nt last once my friend knew she looked like Hindley????

  11. When I read the recent, well-sourced biography of Myra “One of Your Own” by Carol Ann Lee, I was suspicious of the account of her funeral. It was stated that no funeral directors in Suffolk would take this job, and that a firm from more than 200 miles away – whose name must always be kept secret – handled the body. There is something in that tale which I find hard to believe.

    Incidentally, the references in this story to convents. The wife (and accomplice) of Marc Dutroux was recently and controversially released in Belgium. She has gone to live in a convent.


  13. Maybe she’s Jimmys daughter , enough looks like him. It’s in their blood. Maybe he abused her. But I don’t know their birthdays .

    • Jimmy Saville would have been 16 years old when Hindley was born. Her Father (poor man) was a man called Robert (Bob) Hindley, it is him she got her looks from. Her Father beat her, but he also beat her younger sister, Maureen. Remember beating your kids was the done-thing back then, it wasn’t Myra’s relationship with her Father that turned her into a killer, if that was the case every person who got a walloping when they were kids would all be doing time by now.

  14. if she is alive she should be outed so if seen take a photo and post it where everyone can see it and tell the press they will hound her if it is her and i agree with julie nothing wrong with a good firm smack to keep the kids in place rather than let them run amook like most little scroats of today everyone in the 40s 50s and 60s got a clip for misbehaving and their not murderers?

  15. I have heard of a strange but true encounter from a very good and close friend ……. During his holiday he and his wife sat at a table drinking there morning coffee in Yarmouth … when 3 women approached him and his wife and said do you mind if we join you ….My friend said no problem as the three seats where empty …… two of the ladies looked some what official but plausibly dressed incognito …. as they went to the coffee shop the third women joined my friend and his wife ….. the first question the women asked was WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT MYRA HINDLEY …. my friend bellowed all the anglo saxonism he could think of …. on hereing this the two other women rushed out the coffee shop … SAID WHERE VERY SORRY FOR OUR FRIENDS BEHAVIOUR ….. they left immediately … the women whom asked the question TURNED ROUND AND GAVE MY FRIEND AND HIS WIFE A VERY SATIRICAL GRIMMACE AND WINK…. my friend says he is catorgorically 100 % sure and how she conducted herself that she was M .HINDLEY …this event took place in 2005 ..he still maintains this event and will not be swayed on his event

  16. Two years ago (2012) I went on a coach trip to Bruges with a couple of lady friends. On the coach they sat in the seats behind me and I was left wondering as to who would be sitting next to me for the next couple of hours.

    At the next pick-up point a gentleman who must have been in his late seventies got on and sat next to me. He was a lovely old chap and we quickly immersed ourselves in conversation – mainly about the traitors who are ruining our country.

    On the way back from Bruges he mentioned that he had served many years as a prison officer in various prisons up and down the country and then he dropped the bombshell that Myra Hindley didn’t die in the prison hospital but was released under an assumed name and that there was a huge cover up and that this was very well known in the prison officer fraternity.

    What needs to be done is to contact various retired prison officers who were around at that time as they will probably back up this lovely mans account.

  17. I saw her not long after her alleged death, she was flanked by 2 women either side of her in an almost protective manner
    They were going into a shopping centre in Falkirk
    When I first saw her I thought that I knew her face and as they passed it dawned on me and then I noticed the other 4 women walking 2 each side of her
    I don’t believe she is dead her hair was a dyed red

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  20. The government . The church well that speaks for itself . And why was the cremation oven all jet washed afterwards and no traces of ash left at all. The church will be charging we the tax payer a hefty bill to look after poor little old Myra. She will live on as this so called God won’t have her but the corrupt ecclesiastical society will. More need spend the money looking for young Keith 👼

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