The mysterious case of Judge Rodney McKinnon who “jumped” from Dolphin Square


In 2007, the Honourable Judge Rodney McKinnon fell 50ft from his Dolphin Square flat.

Despite his family’s protests, Westminster’s creepy coronor, Paul Knapman, recorded a verdict of suicide.

A carefully spun tale of depression and anxiety was woven by Knapman to skew the evidence so McKinnon was portrayed as having suicidal tendencies.

But do the facts really stack up?

Rodney McKinnon’s brother, Warwick, is, by coincidence, also a High Court Judge.

He said at the time of his brother’s inquest:

“I don’t believe it was suicide and neither does anyone in the family or any friends I gave spoken to.

“There is obviously some evidence that could point towards suicide. I am not going to be unrealistic, but there is nothing like enough for it to fill the required standard.

“My personal belief is that it was an accident.”

“The court heard how the judge was found on the pavement outside his flat in Drake House, Dolphin Square, at about 4pm on June 21 this year.

He was lying some distance from the window of his flat and a footprint was found on a chair near the open window.

In order to fall or jump the judge would have to have stood on the chair, clambered across a desk and climb out of the window onto a narrow parapet.”

We then find that Rodney McKinnon had recently found a new partner from overseas who was planning to visit him in the U.K.

” Judge Warwick McKinnon added that he had seen emails between his brother and a lady friend who lived abroad but was planning to visit the judge in the UK a week after his death.
He told the court:

“Someone he described as his girlfriend, but didn’t give any details, was going to be visiting.

“I have seen email correspondence to that effect and I have also spoken to the lady in question, who attended the funeral.

“She confirmed she was coming about one week after he died. It was quite a business breaking the news to her.”
Another twist in the tale is that his sister Kathy McKinnon was a Page Three girl in the 1970s.

As in the tragic case of Iain Mills MP, we yet again have an unexplained death at notorious Dolphin Square being “smoothed over” by the very well-connected and powerful coroner, Paul Knapman.

Could it be time for the police to look again into the death of Judge Rodney McKinnon?


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