Westminster Council pigs and the great pork scandal


We weren’t surprised to find that the pigs running Westminster Council are now embroiled in a pork-related scandal.

According to news reports, WC have discovered that pork was used in halal school dinners and were “shocked” by the results of meat testing in the authority.

WC’s Director of Children Services has unsurprisingly tried to shift the blame onto meal suppliers Chartwells in a desperate bid to avoid a full-blown PR catastrophe.

There’s no need for Muslim parents to be too worried however, that their children may have unwittingly broken religious dietary laws.

We were pleased to hear that the Very Reverend Andrew Christie is sure they’ll be “pardoned” for their mistakes.

How comforting.

We’ve also taken it upon ourselves to put in an FOI request about the contract awarded to Chartwells and await a response.

Of course, the true scale of this debacle may well emerge over the next few months and will hopefully shine a light on the filthy way WC really operates.

Isn’t it about time we all found out?







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