Dolphin Square, Westminster Council and the Mr X connection

Mr X

The filthy scandal surrounding Dolphin Square and a high-level paedophile ring used by politicians continues to gather pace.

In an old copy of the now-defunct Scallywag magazine we find details of a mysterious Mr X who allegedly ran boy-brothels using vulnerable boys from care homes he owned.

” At the time of the child abuse enquiries, the Press only scratched the surface of a paedophile porn empire created by Mr X over 20 years.

It was almost inconceivably evil; to take little boys in care from homes owned by Mr X such as 34 Inverness Terrace, Bayswater, which has since closed down or from homes in Castle Road  or Finchley Place London, and subject these children to systematic abuse over a period of years so that they began to accept this treatment as perfectly normal.

Many of the victims, as adults, now suffer from grave psychological problems, manic depression and drug and alcohol dependencies”

” The rich and the powerful trusted Mr X to be discreet. That meant him sometimes ruling his juvenile empire with a rod of iron. If a boy crossed him the least he could expect was a beating, the worst was to lose his life”.

” We can reveal Mr X supplied boys to Dolphin Square on a regular basis” 

” A source at Dolphin Square told us ” we often have boys wandering the corridors, looking totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP.”

” The children’s homes collectively called the Bryn Alyn Community, under the management of Mr X, turned over in excess of £12 milion every year. It cost £1,000-£1,500 per week of public money to keep a child in care”

” £440,000 disappeared from the accounts in 1987 alone. We know this money was used to fund luxury flats in London, Brighton and elsewhere”.

” These apartments were high-class homosexual brothels, where Mr X kept, on a permanent basis, rent boys to cater for his VIP clients”

How very strange indeed.

We’ve also been aware of discrepancies in payments made by Westminster Council to often unregistered and dormant companies.

One of our most unusual FOI requests centred around mysterious payments to the Molly Moggs drag bar in Soho which was never fully answered by Westminster.

We also asked WC about payments being made to a rented flat in Leicester Square that had been recorded under ” catering services” on their spend data.

We also asked WC about large payments being made to Creighton and Partners solicitors who take children into care for Westminster.

The company is run by ex-council employees and is listed as dormant at Companies House.

Is there more to Westminster Council and it’s links to Dolphin Square than meets the eye?


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