The rotting stench of Dolphin Square


It’s a little known fact that places where great evil has been perpetrated can often exude a vile and unexplainable odour.

Nefarious acts seem to leave an indelible trace in the very fabric of the building in which they were committed.

Take the case of the infamous Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico.

What horrors befell young and vulnerable boys there is not yet fully known but one day soon the full truth will be exposed.

Has evil left its footprint in the Pimlico des-res?

According to the Standard:

” The private-equity investor which paid all of £176 million to lease Dolphin Square in 2004 is getting increasingly desperate.  

Westbrook Associates have been trying to force owners, Friends Life, to sell them the freehold of the block which was once home to Christine Keeler, Princess Anne and Charles de Gaulle.

The Princess Royal didn’t stay long, after complaining that the corridors smelt of boiled cabbage.

In 2009, Westbrook tried to force the sale by creating dozens of Jersey–listed companies — each owning two of the flats in the block — to take advantage of leasehold laws allowing a majority of flat-owners to buy the freehold.

Friends Life argued that this was an artificial measure which should not be allowed to succeed. Westbrook withdrew the application.

Last year, Westbrook went back to court with a similar scheme and Mr Justice Arnold ruled that its claim for the freehold of the 1250–flat block amounted to an “abuse of process” and must be struck out.

Now Westbrook is asking the Court of Appeal to overturn that ruling and reinstate the claim.

The Court has reserved its decision. Perhaps it is waiting for the smell of boiling cabbage to abate.”

The rotting stench is getting stronger.


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