The Westminster North Conservative Association



What sordid scandal is about to be unearthed vis-à-vis the shady Westminster North Conservative Association?

It’s member list includes Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse and it was recently embroiled in the PPC Joanne Cash affair.

David Cameron himself has great influence over the association.

According to the Mail:

” The dispute also involves local party agent Jonathan Fraser-Howells, a close ally of Mrs Sayers. It is Mr Fraser-Howells who is alleged to have said: ‘It makes me sick seeing pregnant stomachs around.’ This is a comment he denies.”

Interwoven in the schism among Westminster North Conservatives are two other scandals.

Mr Fraser-Howells is a key ally of Mrs Sayers and he and partner Michael Vearncombe were leading lights in the Gay Conservatives group.

Mr Vearncombe was forced to resign as a Westminster Tory councillor when he was jailed for a year in December 2007 after he admitted stealing £90,000 from a London residents association.

“Mr Fraser-Howells became Westminster North agent two years ago. His appointment followed the resignation of the previous agent Peter Randall Johnson after the local party’s computer records were inadvertently damaged as a result of gay pornography having been downloaded.”

” Mr Cameron believed he had a trump card. His wily ally, Lord Strathclyde, leader of the Tories in the upper house, was in charge of the meeting as president of Westminster North Conservative Association.”

There really is so much more to the Westminster North Conservative Association than meets the eye.


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