The charitable Ian Greer


We all know that Ian Greer, controversial lobbyist and close pal of Simon Milton , fled to South Africa following the cash for questions scandal in the nineties.

What we didn’t realise was that he’d turned over a new leaf and set up a very worthy charitable organisation for adults and vulnerable children affected by the Aids crisis there.

According to Ground Up:

“The Helderberg Street Peoples’ Centre in Somerset West cares for poor and marginalised people. It is a soup kitchen, but it also offers counselling and support to people with drug and alcohol problems, amongst other things.”

The HSPC website claims:

” In 2001, Ian Greer brought together eight churches of different denominations to help the poor and destitute in the community, by forming the Helderberg Street People’s Centre, now known as HSPC.

The primary objective of the HSPC is to give hope to people by making a difference in their lives.”

According to the Madtrust organisation :

” South Africa still has a very high child mortality rate with deaths rooted in poverty, poor nutrition and deteriorating living conditions for the poorest communities.The Helderberg Street Peoples Centre is a small but highly effective charity which combats some of these sad statistics at the root. Programmes look to feed and clothe the poorest community members, provide home based care, treatment for opportunistic infection and transport to medical centres for the sick and dying. The centre provides care for children losing their parents and comfort to their parents knowing their children will be looked after.”

How very noble of Greer to devote so many years of his life to supporting the destitute and vulnerable people of South Africa.

But what’s this?

” The Make A Difference Trust is proud to work with Mr Ian Greer and the highly dedicated team of carers and volunteers at the Helderberg Street Peoples Centre in the Western Cape: South Africa. Through support from the Yves Guihannec Foundation as well as the many individuals who have donated funds towards this worthwhile programme, we have been able to truly make a significant difference in the lives of so many”.

Is this the same Yves Guihannec Foundation which is run by tax avoidance expert Robert Venables Q.C. and which has never  produced any accounts for the Charities Commission?

How very, very strange indeed.


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