Ian Greer and the Westminster Council Connection


Once upon a time in Pimlico, lived a lobbyist named Ian Greer.

He was embroiled in the “cash for questions” scandal in the nineties along with Neil Hamilton MP.

Despite pleading his innocence throughout the affair, Greer fled the country and set up home in South Africa.

According to the Mail:

” When Ian Greer – the high-living parliamentary fixer at the centre of the 1990s “cash for questions” scandal – fled Britain for South Africa with a depleted contacts book and his once lucrative business in tatters, friends and foes alike thought they had seen the last of him.

But now the colourful lobbyist, who was cleared of improper behaviour over the handling of cash payments between disgraced MP Neil Hamilton and Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed, is breaking cover in typically flamboyant style.

He is, I can reveal, flying back to London for a monthlong round of parties to celebrate his “marriage” to his partner of 23 years, lawyer Clive Ferreira. The black-tie ceremony will take place not at Westminster, where Greer, 72, once roosted in some style, but at Chelsea Register Office on the King’s Road.

“The opportunity presented itself and we thought it was too good to miss,” Greer tells me from the affluent Cape Town suburb where he lives with Ferreira. “Civil partnership is also being introduced in South Africa but we’ve a great number of friends in London, all of whom are interested in entertaining us, and there’ll be party after party. I’m sure we’ll throw a few ourselves!”

He adds: “We intend having our honeymoon before the ceremony. You have to register the partnership days in advance, so we’re flying to London, then to Paris and then back to London to do the deed.”

When Greer moved to South Africa, he took his elderly parents and his poodle Humphrey, which he used to feed dishes cooked by his butler.

Since settling in Cape Town, Greer – who once turned out in full Pakistani dress while representing the country’s former prime minister Benazir Bhutto – has been advising the Zulu Inkatha party, but says he is now concentrating on projects in Europe. However, he has no plans to return to Britain.

Of the ceremony, he tells me coyly: “We will be inviting former employees and a few politicians from both sides of the house, but I cannot name names.”

But he confirms that Neil and Christine Hamilton will not be on the guest list. “I think they’re too busy these days,” he says diplomatically. “They’re celebrities. I’m not.”

It’s a little known fact that the late and not so great Simon Milton used to work for Ian Greer and Associates as his company director profile shows:


All sounds innoucous enough or so we thought.

Could it be that Milton’s links to Greer were much more sinister than first appears?

We may well be about to find out.




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