R.I.P. Saymon Michael


If you thought for one minute that Westminster Council is really what it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Beneath the polished veneer of WC’s reputation as a prestigious, wealthy and thriving flagship local authority, lies a core so rotten, vile  and despicable it literally beggars belief.

Take the tragic case of baby Saymon Michael.

He starved to death because his family had no access to public funds and couldn’t afford to feed him.

Initial reports were so confusing you needed a PHD to decipher them.

Did Saymon’s mother have Aids or didn’t she?

Was she found dead in a cell at Paddington Green police station or wasn’t she?

Did she have a long-standing heart condition or didn’t she?

Were the family really living in a flat or were they staying in a homeless hostel?

Were they being “closely monitored” by authorities or were they actually being totally ignored by them?

So many questions and so many variant answers.

We do know that WC tried to twist all of the blame away from itself and onto the so-called “neglectful” mother of Saymon when it fact it was most certainly their fault that he died in such terrible circumstances.

We have it on very good authority that WC in cahoots with many other agencies, including health services and the Met Police, did everything within their power to skew and doctor all evidence that would expose their ruthless neglect and hatred of destitute families.

WC even got creepy coroner, Paul Knapman to repeatedly tell the media that the inquest into Saymon’s death was ” a waste of taxpayer’s money”.

For some unknown reason , Knapman was incandescent with rage when a right-minded solicitor decided to fight for justice for Saymon and push ahead with an inquest.

Why didn’t WC, the Met, the Coroner’s office and the Health Authority want a light to be shone onto the true circumstances surrounding the tragedy?

Was it because they all caused it?







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