Dolphin Square’s Deepest Darkest Secrets

dolphin sq

What vile secrets are about to be revealed vis-à-vis salubrious Pimlico address, Dolphin Square?

Rumours abound of dark and dirty goings -on that may have taken place there, with possible links to both national and local politicians.

According to Wikipedia:

Dolphin Square is a block of private apartments and business complex built near the River Thames at Pimlico in London, between 1935 and 1937. At one time, the huge development was home to more than 70 MPs, and at least 10 Lords. At the time of their construction the development was billed, according to Sir Nikolaus Pevsner as the “largest self-contained block of flats in Europe” and, to an extent, their design has been a model for later municipal developments.

Sir Maxwell Joseph bought the complex in 1958 for £2.4 million, selling it to Lintang Investments.Westminster Council later owned the estate.It was sold to Westbrook Holdings (January 2006), and the hotel/restaurant closed down in 2006 only to have another hotel open in its place.

The development has many judges, senior civil servants, and MPs living at favourable market rates.Notable residents have included: comedians Ben Lyon and Bud Flanagan; actor Peter Finch; politician Harold Wilson; writer Radclyffe Hall; former Lord Chief Justice Lord Goddard; Christine Keeler; journalist Norman Cliff; Anne, the Princess Royal; politician William Hague. John Vassall, the Soviet spy, was arrested at his Dolphin Square apartment in 1962.It provided a base for the Free French during World War II and number 308 Hood House was used by MI5 section B5(b) responsible for infiltrating agents into potentially subversive groups from 1924 to 1946.”

Of course, as with most things connected to Westminster Council, Dolphin Square may not be as it first appears.

Could it be that hidden behind the luxurious exterior was a most sickening and repulsive paedophile and child trafficking ring?

We may well be about to find out.



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