Boris and the Missing Millions


Questions are being raised about the £111 million fund that Boris has failed to spend on worthy causes across the capital.

According to the BBC:

” London’s mayor has failed to spend more than £100m provided by the government to invest in the capital’s economy and help create jobs.

Business minister Michael Fallon has criticised the slow progress in London and warned it is behind other cities in its efforts to boost growth.

A partnership group was set up but the money has not been allocated.

Boris Johnson said it was important to make the right long-term decisions and not to spend the money too quickly.

Labour said it showed while the mayor had been critical recently of austerity measures, asking for more money to invest in infrastructure, he was failing to deliver on his economic promises using what he already had.”

The answer may lie in shady set-up of the London Enterprise Panel, which is headed by deputy mayor, Kit Malthouse.

As we know Kit is the business partner of disgraced ex-Westminster Council leader, Colin Barrow.

Colin used to own the MAN financial group which is now run by Stanley Fink but was previously also run by Harvey Mcgrath.

Quite surprisingly, Harvey also sits on the London Enterprise Panel.

We then find that Stanley knows Gerald Ronson.

Gerrie shares his Heron company with Rupert Murdoch and is big pals with Shirley Porter who also knows Kit and Colin.

They all love Boris.

They all also appear to have links to the shady and spooky CST and Conservative Party funding.

How very,very bizarre.


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