The Queen and the Homeless Hostel


It’s a little known fact that Her Maj shares something in common with the homeless folk of Westminster Council.

Amazing as it sounds, she used to frequent the Leinster House Hotel which is used by WC to house the homeless.

Could it be that her Maj has fallen on hard times and Coutts has repossessed Buckingham Palace?

Or maybe she wants to feel the pain of homelessness and decided to go on an incognito visit?

Not quite.

According to the Guardian:

” Leinster House hotel is a white stucco building, which once had a ballroom where the Queen is said to have attended a debutantes’ coming-out dance; the building has been chopped up into around 90 rooms for the borough’s homeless”

Of course, the hotel is less salubrious these days as confirmed by these telling reviews:

” This place is a shit hole, if you want to waste your money and live with homeless, alcoholics and psycos, then this is the place for you, ITS A HOLE KEEP WELL AWAY FROM IT”

” I totally agree what a dive it is, very dirty and smells very bad”.

Oh dear.


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