Westminster Council and the B & B Racket


It’s always been a mystery why Westminster Council have persistently been allowed to flout the law and keep families in B & B accommodation for longer than 6 weeks.

According to the Standard:

A Tory flagship council is flouting the law by putting up scores of homeless families in bed and breakfasts for months at a time.  

More than 100 Westminster families with children have been forced to live in B & Bs for beyond the legal limit of six weeks, according to figures disclosed this week.

The total has trebled since April — but the local authority says it is caught in a “perfect storm” of soaring demand for family accommodation while the supply of available homes falls.

It has been illegal for councils to house families in long-term B & B accommodation since 2004 and Westminster has already been warned once by housing minister Grant Shapps.

Families who live in B & Bs do not have access to kitchens and are often forced to eat out or get takeaways, pushing up their cost of living. The B & Bs are also often far from children’s schools.”


Could the real reason WC keep families in hotels for months at a time is their links to B & B owners?

One hotel used by Westminster for years is the Leinster House Hotel in Bayswater.

The contract with WC is worth £12 million per annum:



We were surprised to find that a very similar sounding company was once owned by the family of Westminster councillor Frixos Tombolis:

This, according to Companies House

“”Leinster Hotels Ltd,

33 Viscount Court

1 Pembridge Villas

London  W2 4XA

Company No. 00907162

Director’s : Savvas Glafacos Tombolis and Thomas Antoniades”

The company was dormant and appeared to cease trading in 2000.


We also discovered from Westminster that the owner’s of the Leinster House Hotel are apparently based in the British Virgin Islands where wrinkly rogue Shirley Porter has ‘close’ business links.

The plot thickens.


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