Welcome to the Hotel California


There may be more than meets the eye to Westminster Council’s use of B & B accommodation to house homeless people.

Questions are now being asked about the ownership of hotels used by WC, via contracts worth £12 million per annum.



In this very interesting FOI request by Robert Clark he asks about the mysterious Eaglemate Ltd which is a dissolved company but which WC appear to still be paying:

”  I have noticed that the original contract 022620 was signed with Eaglemate Ltd
in 1999 which has since been struck off and dissolved on 20/11/2007, has
there been a new contract signed and awarded if to to whom.

Perhaps  you could also explain which part Elitelodge Ltd and
Leinster HH LLP plays in this contract and who are the directors
and the physical addresses of these companies. I mean after all
there is 13 million pounds in play here.

Yours faithfully,

robert clark

PS: You do realize that LLPs are the least transparent of company
structures not having to produce accounts, these last few weeks the
media was filled with tax avoidance issues pertaining to LLPs.

Note WC’s strange response:

” The contract was assigned to the owners of Leinster House Hotel: Fabtas
One Limited, registered number 1620942, Craigmuir Chambers, P.O. Box 71,
Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The managers of the property
are Smart Housing Group, 137 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End London N8 9BJ.   

The managers of the property are Smart Housing Group, 137 Tottenham
Lane, Crouch End London N8 9BJ.  We do not hold details of the directors
of EliteLodge Ltd and Leinster HH LLP and these organisations do not play
a part in the contract”


Is this the same British Virgin Islands where wrinkly rogue Shirley Porter slyly liquidated her assets?



What a coincidence.


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