22 Arlington Street


Those in the know have kindly tipped us off that the following address may be linked to some high-faluting monetary shenanigans:

22 Arlington Street

We felt quite giddy when we heard tell of possible money-laundering,  arms deals , fake “front” companies and other dirty dealings that may have taken place in this quiet London Street.

There’s even a company registered in Jersey of the same name but we have no idea if they’re linked:


How very strange.

What’s even stranger though is that the address is linked to wrinkly rogue Shirley Porter.

As we saw in a previous post, the Daniel Howard Trust and The Spero Foundation trusts have not submitted regular accounts to the Charities Commission as they are obliged to.

Shirl’s daughter and granddaughter are trustees of these charities and we have no idea why the’re behind with their accounting.

Guess where the charities are run from?

None other than 22 Arlington Street , London.


You really couldn’t make this stuff up!


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