Disco Inferno


We didn’t have Shirley Porter down as a raver but we may well have misjudged her.

According to a Guardian report, when Shirl liquidated her assets to avoid paying WC, son Johnny invested them in the Ministry of Sound nightclub.

Unbelievable but true:

”  Westminster city council was last night under renewed pressure to expedite recovery of £37m owed to council-tax payers by Tesco heiress Dame Shirley Porter – the council’s former Tory leader found guilty of gerrymandering in the “homes for votes” scandal.

Disclosure of a series of emails appears to show that her fortune, thought to be worth £300m to £400m, is hidden in offshore investments in the British Virgin Islands and Guernsey, and in Swiss bank accounts.

Millions have also been loaned through offshore trusts to a dotcom business, i-spire, run by her son, John Porter, which invests in the Ministry of Sound nightclub.

The emails, balance sheets and shareholding details, seen by the Guardian, came to light after a dispute involving another of her son’s business investments, Redbus Interhouse, an internet hosting business founded by Cliff Stanford. He is in Britain to attend an emergency general meeting to try to wrest back control of his company – after he discovered Mr Porter had been bankrolled by his mother as part of her hidden asset strategy.

Last night Mr Stanford told the Guardian: “I want Westminster council to freeze all the accounts of these trusts that are investing in this company and if necessary her son’s account as well. It is perfectly possible to take action in Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands, and to make arrangements to get bank accounts in Switzerland frozen.

“Even though this will mean freezing my company’s assets, I am perfectly willing to accept this. Unless this is done immediately, Dame Shirley will be able to set up a new operation and the council will have to start from scratch again to recover the money.”


She never ceases to amaze.


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