According to the Standard , spiteful Westminster Council are planning to cut their entire arts budget, to save money:

” One of London’s wealthiest boroughs plans to axe its entire £350,000 arts commissioning budget. A report to Tory-controlled Westminster council’s budget task group proposes a halt to all funding over the next two years.  

The move would hit literacy and community programmes at venues including the Serpentine Gallery and the Soho Theatre as well as pioneering work English National Ballet has been carrying out with Parkinson’s sufferers”.

This comes on top of other brutal cuts to adult, disability and library services.

Westminster finance boss Melvyn ‘ Scaredy’ Caplan claims the cuts are a necessary evil as the Council is predicted to be out-of-pocket for the next four years.

If  Scaredy is really so bothered about the black hole in WC’s budget we’ve got a brill idea for him.

Why not re-open the investigation into Shirley Porter’s “missing millions” and recoup the outstanding debt of £30 million she owes the council?

As we all know, WC are more than happy to send bailiffs round if a motorist owes £60 for a PCN so what’s stopping them asking Shirl for the money they’re owed?

There’s no need to worry about her hiding out in Haifa either because the wrinkly rogue is back in the U.K.

And since she’s in regular contact with Councillor Robert Davis it’s more than likely they have an address for her too!

We thought we’d ask WC just what plans they have in the pipeline for reclaiming Shirl’s shekels and have put in another FOI request for info :

Can’t wait for their reply.


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