L.A. Confidential


Serious concerns are being raised about the sanity of FLOPS member  Eric ” Chunky” Pickles following his bizarre decision to abolish the Audit Commission:

According to an influential parliamentary select commission it could lead to “awkward” and “dangerous” consequences:


As the role of the Audit Commission is to make sure Local Authorities  deliver public services efficiently and the Government’s objective is to cut public spending by increasing the efficiency of public bodies, surely Chunky should be looking at ways of heightening  financial scrutiny within L.A.’s and not reducing them.

What a strange decision to make.

Could it be that Chunky is being ‘ leant on ‘ ( a horrifying image)  by dark forces determined to shut down any outside interference with the financial skullduggery taking place at all levels of Government?

According to a  recent Home Office report :

” A member of the Finance team in a Government department created invoices for a non-existent supplier quoting a virtual office address and fictitious Companies House and VAT registrations. The employee created eight invoices for the supplier, five of which were paid. The employee was a registered approver of invoices and a senior member of the finance management team.

The fraud came to light when the bank to which the funds had been diverted, contacted the department to notify them of unusually high funds and subsequent transactions passing through the individual’s bank account. In total, the employee diverted £246,000 to his own bank account.
An investigation ensued and found weaknesses in processes within the department relating to supplier set-up. New suppliers were found to be automatically set up on the payment system simply for submitting an invoice, with no checks being undertaken on the validity of the invoice and company.

The department put in place new controls including a process whereby new suppliers are only placed on the payment system when a member of the procurement team and finance team had approved this. All new suppliers are now approved by the Chief Accountant in the department.”


Was this an isolated case or could there actually be a wide- scale racket being perpetrated by Local and Central Government to siphon-off taxpayers money using false invoicing and companies?


We might well be about to find out…


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