Any room at the Inn, Gwyn?

mary joseph gwyn

Just when you thought rich, smug, homeless – hating, Westminster Council couldn’t stoop any lower with their contempt for the poor, we find this:

“A Conservative Councillor in Westminster has said the Council should stop poor people trying to ‘cling to Westminster by their fingernails’ and that they there is nothing wrong with low income residents being moved to Great Yarmouth because it is ‘a nice place’.

At a meeting of the Health Scrutiny Committee Councillor Gwyneth Hampson told Councillors that she couldn’t understand why the ‘Guardian’ was getting cross about Westminster sending people to places like Great Yarmouth. People “were clinging to Westminster by their fingernails” and would be better off elsewhere, she argued.”

Yes folks, as Christmas approaches and thousands of people are being socially cleansed from the richest borough in the land, through no fault of their own, Gwynnie can’t see what all the fuss is about.

Her patronising description of low income residents ‘clinging to Westminster by their fingernails’ could have come from the High Priestess of Hatred herself, Shirley Porter.

Indeed one wonders if SP still lurks behind the scene at City Hall, cackling with glee when news of another eviction reaches her, pushing and cajoling Councillors to be nastier and nastier to the poor, homeless and disposessed (not as far -fetched as it sounds).

Anyway, if Great Yarmouth is as ‘nice’ as you say Gwynnie, why don’t you do us all an f*****g favour and move there yourself?

Oh, and take Ghastly Glanz with you while you’re at it.


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