Have you ever seen an elephant fly?

Animal activists are on high alert in India after the mysterious disappearance of thousands of elephants from the country, just days before a visit by Tubby and his mayoral entourage:


Plans were afoot for Boris and his buddies from banned organisation F.L.O.P.S. to travel the country in traditional style, on a herd of elephants, but the elaborate stunt may now be in jeopardy.

Dr Nelly Patel from the Help-an- Elephant Foundation in New Delhi explains:

“Elephants are notoriously sensitive animals and when news got round that Boris and his portly chums were looking for a ride, mass stampedes took place. We’re trying our best to track them but our main fear is that they will head to various elephant graveyards rather than face up to the prospect of carrying the mayoral group”.

A City Hall spokesman said alternative plans were being drawn up and a last minute order for a fleet of reinforced steel rickshaws was under consideration.


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