Despicable G…

More proof this week (if needed) that Shirley Porter’s “hatred for the homeless” legacy lives on at Westminster Council.

We were sickened to read of the plight of a former Royal Marine who has been reduced to sleeping in parks after being made homeless in the borough:

According to the West End Extra;

“the man – believed to be in his 60s – was evic­ted from a one-bedroom property in Oversley House, Harrow Road, in July. He has been spending nights in the park while awaiting results of a legal challenge to the eviction, due in January.

It comes as Westminster City Council housing chiefs are facing down criticism for their “middle-class” housing scheme and chronic shortage of affordable homes.”

Surely the Council’s cabinet member for housing and property, Cllr Jonathan Glanz, would be be as horrified as were that an ex-serviceman is reduced to living rough in freezing conditions, at the whim of Housing Options.

But what’s this?

Ghastly Glanz doesn’t appear to give a fig and issued the following spiteful statement:

““We have some of the most expensive real estate in the world and the government rightly takes the view that [Westminster] isn’t necessarily the best place to house people who are making no economic contribution whatsoever, or particularly perhaps have no connection with Westminster historically or at all.”

“People have to be realistic about their chances of getting permanent tax-payer-subsidised accommodation in Westminster. A third of the people that pitch up at Housing Options have never been to Westminster before and they come along and say ‘wouldn’t this be a nice place to live if somebody else were paying all my bills’. I think that’s a question we can all answer.”

How very caring of you Ghastly…

Of course, WCC have form when it comes to vulnerable homeless people as our post last year highlighted, when cruel housing staff made a joke at the expense of a serioulsy ill client.

In this email dated 12 March 2010 from WCC housing officer Zabrina Hasan to Fatheya Latif and Arianna Thomas:

“atheya (sic) this is the one you said can go 4 this as he is going to die soon!”

What a truly heartless bunch of cnuts they are.


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