Fat is a feminist issue

There were angry scenes last night at City Hall as the Gender and Equality committee clashed with Boris over his latest Mayoral initiative.

Female members were horrified to learn that tubby has decided to form a male -only group for oversized government colleagues, known as The Fat Lads of Politics Society (FLOPS).

According to leaked documents, FLOPS will meet on a weekly basis at various eateries in and around London and will have to swear an allegiance to Mcdonald’s at the beginning of each meal.

They must also pledge never to mention the words Slim Fast, lettuce or Jenny Craig in a bizarre initiation ceremony involving rolled up trouser legs and a box of maltesers.

Politicians of all persuasions have been queuing up to join FLOPS and the membership list apparently includes the likes of Kit Malthouse, Eric Pickles and Stephen Greenhalgh to name but a few.

Unwisely, Boris plans to hold the group’s inaugural meeting in a Thames cable car pod and has drafted in re-inforced steel from Germany on the advice of structural engineers.

Application forms for FLOPS can be downloaded from the GLA website but anyone weighing less than 17 stones is ineligible to apply.


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