Watch it Boris…you’re toast!

Firemen were less than amused yesterday after being called to the Mayoral suite at City Hall.

They’d been led to believe there was a major incident underway but on arrival found a panic -stricken Boris flapping around the smoky room with a wet towel, screaming:

“Help me for God’s sake!…it’s burning my ciabatta”.

It seems that emergency alarms had been triggered by tubby’s toaster being overfilled and he was advised to bin the offending appliance and apologise for wasting everyone’s time.

In the interests of health and safety we decided to find out where the toaster had come from and yet again turned to that trusty tome, the gifts and hospitality register.

We spotted an entry made on September 11th 2008 for an electric toaster, bizarrely donated by Steve Auckland, Managing Director at Metro Newspaper:

…we can only surmise that Mr Auckland got muddled up with his gifts and that some poor bride was bemused to open a gold-plated paperweight on her wedding day.

Mystery solved, we were about to exit the GLA website when something caught our eye…..

…a new entry made on June 9th 2012 for “Return cars from New York Hotel to private address and lunch” funded by none other that Old Pappy himself- Rupert Murdoch!

Will tubby never learn?


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