Publish and be damned…

Fab Foi watchers!

Spare a thought this week for Captain Barrow, disgraced ex-leader of Westminster Council.

You may remember he had grand plans to become an author, following his carefully staged departure last March (apparently planned in cahoots with tubby Mayor Johnson).

He’d been hoping to emulate the success of his hero Jeffrey Archer and write a fictional account of the cut- throat, devious, money grabbing world of Local Government.

He’d even managed to secure a book deal with “We Print Any Crap” publishing house.

Unfortunately for Barrow though, his dreams are now in the gutter after a shock diagnosis of tourettes – related writers block syndrome.

Despite spending 5 months trying to put pen to paper, he’s only managed to come up with this one sentence:

“By jiggers, I’m fooked….”

According to media sources, his agent has had no option but to withdraw the advanced royalties cheque of £2.27 and cancel a planned book tour of Milton Keynes.

The literary world is in mourning.


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