Diamond geezer…

This hasn’t been the best of weeks for shifty Barclay’s boss, Bob Diamond, in the wake of the Libor scandal, with calls for his resignation coming fast and furious.

He can at least console himself with the fact that despite being one of the most vilified public figures around, he still has the support of long-term buddy Boris Johnson who’s been schmoozing Diamond for years.

We were under the impression that the Barclay’s Bike scheme was the glue that bonded tubby and Bob together so were surprised to find their relationship goes much deeper than wheels and chains.

According to the GLA gifts register, Boris has been on the receiving end of some very generous hospitality from Barclay’s ( including luxury meals, airline tickets and VIP services):

Ooooh….. get you tubby!!!!


More surprising to us though was the news that Bob has made charitable payments to the Mayors’s foundation which has been linked to Cameron, Cruddas and Captain Barrow



What a bunch of bankers!


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