Boris gets a wedgie…

There have been several unconfirmed Mayoral sightings this week at an Antiques Roadshow event in Chipping Norton.

Witnesses claim to have seen tubby Boris wandering from expert to expert trying to flog a couple of “antiques”, and claiming to all and sundry that he needed to raise cash urgently for a new PR guru. He had apparently tried to disguise himself by wearing an Umbro tracksuit and medallion but his baseball cap logo of “I LOVE BEKKY AND THE BOYS” rather gave the game away.

We wondered where these antiques could possibly have come from so decided to consult the infamous Gifts and Hospitality register at the GLA and were soon rewarded with the answer when we stumbled across two entries made in December 2009 and 2010

Yes folks, the antiques in question were gifts from a certain Labour Peer, Lord Janner of Braunstone, and consisted of a silver photo frame and a Wedgwood clock

If truth be told we’ve heard some rather unsavoury things about Greville over the years and quite why tubby was given a wedgie by him is anyone’s guess!

The tale ends less than happily though as experts were quick to point out that both “antiques” were in fact cheap replicas probably picked up for a fiver on Walthamstow Market!

Oh dear…


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