The Mysterious Case of the Mayor and the Missing Murdoch Meetings…

Fab Foi watchers!

You may remember our previous post “James and the Giant Leech” where we looked at the cosy relationship between tubby Boris Johnson and the Murdoch clan

We’d spent many a long hour perusing the Mayoral Gifts and Hospitality register, noting with interest the various lunches and soirees that Boris had enjoyed with the Murdochs and Bekky Brooks.

As you can imagine, we were more than a little miffed this week to discover that certain “politically sensitive” lunches had been omitted from the register for reasons unknown…

Yes folks, Boris decided it wouldn’t be necessary to declare his three extra meetings with News International in 2011 (despite being obliged to do so in the name of transparency and “open government”) and instead buried them in an obscure corner of the Mayoral website.

How very remiss of him!

We’d love to give Boris the benefit of the doubt and put this down to an isolated oversight but a little birdie tells us that the Gifts and Hospitality Register may need lots more “updates” as a matter of urgency.

Oh dear…

p.s. more here from Dave Hill:


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