Harri Potter and the Half-Cut Bint…

We were tickled pink to receive a reply from the GLA to our recent FOI request for information about the private film screening attended by Guto Harri in 2010 and paid for by News International.


Yes folks, if you thought things couldn’t get any closer between the Mayoral team and the Murdcochs,think again!

This media mafia menage-a-trois involves Boris, his ex-spin doctor Guto Harri and News International, in a racy story of job-swapping, clandestine meals and “private” film screenings.

Jackie Collins eat your heart out!

It seems Guto so enjoyed the hospitality laid on by Bekky and the boys he decided to jump ship at City Hall and go down Wapping way. And who can blame him, eh?!

In the meantime we couldn’t wait to see just what film Guto had actually seen…

Mabye it was “The Usual Suspects”?

Or “All about Levenson”?

It may even have been “Double Indemnity”.

But what’s this?

The GLA don’t know anything about the screening and all details have been erased from the Mayoral website:


That’s N.I. Confidential for you!


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