Transparency at Number 10?… don’t make me LOL! David x

Fab FOI watchers!

We were pleased as punch this week to receive a reply from Downing Street to our recent FOI request.

You may remember we had asked for details of their contract with Get Safe Online Ltd (previously known as Endurance-Internet Security Awareness Ltd) who provide advice on internet safety for organisations.

A simple enough request we thought, especially in light of the Prime Minister’s boasts of a new era of Government transparency, so what could possibly go wrong?

Well folks, quite a lot actually!

Instead of pages and pages of contractual data, we were proffered a letter full of opaque drivel from their FOI team ( have they been taking lessons from WCC?)…

…followed by a flimsy copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles- not exactly what we’d asked for!

Quite why Number 10 are being so evasive about this contract is anyone’s guess but regular viewers know that we at the colemanexperience don’t give up without a fight and we intend to dig and delve a little deeper into this contract.

More soon…


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