James and the Giant Leech…

Whilst perusing the gifts and hospitality register of our portly Mayor, we were surprised to see just how many meals Boris, the Murdochs and Bekky Brooks have enjoyed together.

The first tete-a-tete took place at the Hotel Belvedere, Davos in January 2009 when the thrilling subject of climate policy was discussed by BJ and James.


Next, came dinner for two at trendy eatery Cecconi’s in March 2009, courtesy of Bekky- no idea what was discussed (possibly “what does one do with piles of police horse manure”?)


This was followed by a mysterious lunch with Bekky in November 2009- don’t know where, don’t know why, don’t know what was discussed.


The next soiree was with old man Rupert in December 2009


A springtime luncheon was then proffered in March 2010 at the Sun offices in Wapping


This was swiftly followed by a dinner time treat at ultra glamorous Chinese eatery Ming Jiang, also in March 2010


Even Guto Harri was in on the action with not only a dinner but a private film screening too…oooohh get you Guto!




Finally, a lunch with James took place in November 2010, topic of conversation unknown ( but definitely not about a News International funded Academy)



“Whats the Dickens is it all about?” we hear you cry.

Well folks, we’re as confused as you are as to why Boris has shared so many meals with News International (not least because his expanding waistline has been such cause for concern)… if anyone does know answers on a postcard please to the Leveson Inquiry!

B.Coleman and the gang.


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