Never look a gift horse…

Fab Foi watchers!

As Mayoral D-Day approaches, rather than focus on policies, we’ve decided to focus on the sensitive subject of weight gain.

Of course, both Boris and sidekick Kit Malthouse have always been a little on the portly-side but recently their ever-increasing girths have started to look unattractive.

What could be the cause of their ballooning weight?

Some may say the recent stresses over News International, Captain Barrow’s departure and foul-mouthed tirades have taken their toll and upset their healthy eating regimes but we’re not so sure!

Could it be that too much Mayoral wining and dining is to blame?

Possibly so…but how can we find out?

“Try looking at the GLA gifts and hospitality register” we hear you cry “That’s where you’ll find all the goss about lavish luncheons and luxurious hampers”.

Yes folks you’re right…why didn’t we think of that?

Ok then… here goes…

…Gifts and Hospitality Registers for Boris Johnson and Kit Malthouse…

But what’s this?

When you click on the GHR links you get this obscure “service unavailable” message:

Oh dear…wonder what’s going on?

Hope there’s nothing untoward in them that Boris and Kit don’t want us to know about…

How bizarre.

B.Coleman and the gang.


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