Accounts payable…

Spare a thought this week Fab Foi watchers for WC’s beleaguered finance team.

Judging by this brill report by Nutsville, it would appear that not answering FOI’s legally is the very least of City Hall’s worries, and another monumental cock-up is on the cards for the sneakiest borough in the land…

Of course, in the process of our own digging and delving into the bizarre state of Westminster’s accounts we can certainly vouch that all is not as it seems down Victoria Street way…and we were further alerted to this fact following an insightful email received from a mysterious “man -in-the-know”.

Yes folks, according to this insider, there’s a distinct possibilty that these shameful financial shenanigans are part of a much wider fiscal rip-off that may (or may not) go right to the top of UK Government.

Perish the thought eh?!

In the meantime we thought it might be helpful for WC to come up with a motto to inspire their financial troops in these troubled times and this seemed one perfect for the job…

Wonder if it’ll catch on?

Do watch this space…

B.Coleman and the gang.


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