Ain’t nothing going on but the rent…

Fab FOI watchers!

We were tickled pink this week to receive a response to our City Centre Restaurant Ltd request- at last we’d find out how £56,000 of taxpayers money had been spent on “catering services” by WCC.

Yes folks, we know those devil-may-care dandies had taken 8 weeks to reply but at least they’d finally come up with the goods- we couldn’t wait to download the invoices and menus for finger buffets galore!

But what the dickens is this?

Instead of much anticipated bills for twiglets and crispy- prawn platters, the invoices are actually for the rental of a flat in Irving Street, WC2.

The flat in question costs Westminster £11,000 per quarter and the only link to “catering” seems to be the fact that it’s located above a Garfunkels restaurant!

Who lives in a house like this...?

Whilst we’re certain there’s a perfectly simple explanation for all this confusing claptrap (and as per usual will give WC the benefit of the doubt), we can’t help but feel there’s something rather peculiar about this whole business.

Just what exactly are you up to Westminster?

Do tell…

B. Coleman and the gang.


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