Parking up the wrong tree…

Fab Foi watchers!

We’re back with more startling revelations from those doyens of disinformation at Westminster Council.

You may recall our previous posts about mysterious payments made to the House of Commons and the ensuing battle for the release of invoice details relating to the lease of Abingdon Street Car Park

Quite why the HoC and City Hall have been so reluctant to provide this information is anyone’s guess! We thought they’d welcome the chance to show the public just how transparent their contractual arrangements are.

But what’s this?

According to WC, the contract in question is so long they demanded £150 in fees to release it! Talk about extortion…

Of course, as regular viewers know, we at the colemanexperience are well-schooled in the art of FOI bartering and decided to make WC an offer they couldn’t refuse

You can only imagine how thrilled we were when they finally came up with the contract in question…

what had we been worrying about eh?

Yes folks, everything about this agreement is above-board and kosher…just your regular run of the mill 150 page tri-party contract between the House of Commons, Q-Park and WCC.

Apart from one little minor problem…

the payments we requested details of were made in 2010 but the contract provided is dated 16th January 2012!

How bizarre.

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang.


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