Cruddy Hell! They’re all in this together…

The Three Amigos...

The Three Amigos...

Fab FOI watchers, you join us on the day that David Cameron has been forced to reveal all about his ‘Abigail’s Party’ inspired soirees at No 10, following undercover filming of boasts by party treasurer Peter Cruddas.

Yes folks, for a cool £250,000 you too could be sharing a mini sausage-roll and a bowl of Doritos with the delectable SamCam and her charming hubby.

Quite why the press has to lower the tone with talk of party donations and lobbying the PM is anyone’s guess. Can’t a wealthy businessman buy his way into DC’s affections without cruel gossip and accusing tones?

Apparently not…

All in all, this has been quite a week for the Conservatives, what with Gideon’s ‘granny tax’ fiasco and Captain Barrow’s desertion of Hyde Park ward… the heat is really on for the boys in blue!

Whilst we don’t wish to rub salt into anyone’s wounds, we were more than a little surprised when we stumbled across the accounts of Boris Johnson’s charity ‘The Mayor’s fund for London’.

Listed in page 57 under the heading : THANKS TO OUR DONORS – Business Club Members- are the following names:

MAN Group PLC ( Captain Barrow’s baby) and

The Peter Cruddas Foundation.

Oh dear… do hope this is all above board…

After all, charity begins at home!

B.Coleman and the gang

Toodle pip


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