Pipped at the post…

Councillor Philippa ‘Pip’ Roe has been voted new leader of sunken flagship council WCC, following the shock resignation of Captain Barrow.

Poor Ed and Glenys didn't stand a chance against the determined Ms Roe, with her expensively bound election manifesto and gift for self-promoting her "talents" there was no real surprise at the result.

Of course, Pip also has the good fortune of being the daughter of Dame Marion Roe, former Conservative MP for Broxbourne and GLC Ilford North, so we can all sleep easy- safe in the knowledge that she comes from true-blue stock.

We'd like to think that things can only get better at WC with the herald of a new leader but just can't shake the feeling that they're going to get worst!

In fact the last time a "lady" ruled the roost at WC was under the disastrous tenure of Shirley Porter whose outrageous housing gerrymandering nearly brought down the whole council so the omens don't look good..

In a bizarre coincidence, Pip has also spent the last few years managing housing in Westminster and we can only hope for her sake that the similarity ends there…

…we’re going to enjoy finding out if it does!

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang.


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